Does Long Beach Remember a Band Called Prospect from The Late 90’s?

Music is timeless. Its lived on thru vinyl, cassette tapes, CD’s & now the new digital age where a future generation finds their music thru mobile devices. Our Label is at the beginning stages of showcasing unreleased music to some fresh ears. Fortunately for us, our niche passion has attracted us to bands like Prospect from Long Beach, Ca. They we’re in the heart of the late nineties when bands like Sublime we’re just coming out of their shell. The ska punk influence is clear from the opening rif of this record. By the way, we tried to call the number on the album, but it was out of service. We haven’t tried the email yet.

We recently caught up with one of the band members of prospect who commented on this record.

“We we’re just kids back then. I was only 17 and we we’re playing a lot of gigs around the Long Beach area at places like DiPiazza Lounge & Java Lanes. Our bass player Wes lived on Prospect street in the Belmont Shore area, so that is where the name came about. It was 1997 and we needed a demo to hand out since our band was on the scene so we recorded a live demo at Gilmore Music in Long Beach, Ca. It was a great experience and I still think of those days. The EP was recorded to a 1/4 tape machine. The whole band had a limited budget so we tracked everything live.”